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Mr. Ledbetter specializes in civil litigation in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, and possesses vast experience in wrongful death lawsuits. Mr. Ledbetter was recognized as a SuperLawyers Rising Star in 2018 and 2019 in the area of Civil Litigation. Published on June 27, 2023.

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Facing charges of vehicular homicide in Georgia is a profoundly serious matter. Under OCGA § 40-6-393, such an offense occurs when a death results from a violation of Georgia’s traffic laws, including DUI or reckless driving. It’s a situation that none of us ever want to find ourselves in, but the reality is that accidents, often tragic, do occur on the roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 42,795 people lost their lives in vehicle crashes in 2022.C

At Conoscienti & Ledbetter, LLC, we have a comprehensive understanding of traffic laws and extensive experience handling serious cases in Decatur, GA, and the surrounding areas. Our approach to criminal defense is built on more than four decades of combined experience, reflecting the high level of responsiveness and skillfulness we are known for.

In these distressing times, when you are likely feeling overwhelmed by the legal proceedings, know that we are here to offer you the respect and dignity you deserve. We handle each case with honesty, integrity, efficiency, and compassion—values that not only define us but also guide us as we defend your rights.
We understand that this period in your life is filled with uncertainty, and our aim is to provide you with the steadfast legal counsel you need. Our attorneys, J. Blake Ledbetter and Joseph A. Conoscienti, are dedicated to delivering clear, effective advice and ensuring that you are kept fully informed at every stage of your defense process. With us at your side, you’ll have a team that is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

Understanding Vehicular Homicide Charges

When facing vehicular homicide charges, it is crucial to understand the legal landscape, the distinction between different degrees of the offense, and the specific conditions under which these charges are applied. In Decatur, vehicular homicide can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, and the severity of the charges generally hinges on factors such as DUI or reckless driving. Our experience comprises both misdemeanors and felonies, with a focus on achieving justice with integrity and compassion, no matter the complexity of the case.

Types of Vehicular Homicide Cases in Decatur

Vehicular homicide in Decatur is classified into two main categories: first-degree and second-degree. The key difference lies in the associated behaviors leading to the deadly incident. Specifically, first-degree cases involve more serious traffic violations such as DUI or a hit-and-run, while second-degree cases correspond to less severe traffic offenses.

  • First-Degree Vehicular Homicide: Considered a felony, it involves death resulting from a DUI, reckless driving, or fleeing from police.
  • Second-Degree Vehicular Homicide: Classified as a misdemeanor, it follows death caused by general traffic violations, like failing to maintain a proper lane.

First-Degree Vehicular Homicide

In first-degree vehicular homicide, the accused may be considered a habitual violator, facing grave charges for actions like DUI or reckless driving that lead to a fatality. Such homicide cases are felonies, seeking serious consequences for the offender and demanding an aggressive defense strategy. At Conoscienti & Ledbetter, LLC, we handle each case with a profound sense of responsibility and commitment to our client’s rights and future.

Second-Degree Vehicular Homicide

Conversely, second-degree vehicular homicide charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors. They are less severe than felony offenses but still have the power to significantly disrupt lives. Nonetheless, any accusation of causing death, no matter the degree, requires a focused and experienced legal defense, which is where we come in.

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Legal Representation and Defense

When facing vehicular homicide charges in Decatur, the right legal team is imperative. Our law firm provides aggressive and strategic defense to protect your rights and pursue every avenue to mitigate potential punishment.

Responsibilities of a Decatur Vehicular Homicide Attorney

Investigate the Accident

As vehicular homicide attorneys, it’s our job to ensure that every aspect of your case is handled with the utmost diligence. We examine the particulars of the traffic offense to establish if the victim’s negligence played a part and how it affects your rights as a defendant. At Conoscienti & Ledbetter, LLC, our commitment is to be your advocate, fighting for justice both inside and outside the courtroom.

Building a Defense Strategy

In building your defense, experience in case law and knowledge of felonies and misdemeanors are critical. We leverage our 40-plus years of combined experience to tailor defense strategies that consider every detail of your situation. Whether it’s challenging evidence or negotiating plea agreements, we focus on reducing any imprisonment, fines, or jail time that could be part of the punishment for a conviction.

Mitigation and Sentencing

Mitigating circumstances can play a crucial role in the sentencing phase of a trial. Our job is to present these factors compellingly and compassionately to aim for reduced sentencing. When chances of getting the charges completely dismissed are slim, we focus our efforts on finding and presenting mitigating factors that can reduce your sentence.

When it comes to criminal defense, especially involving serious charges like vehicular homicide, it’s essential to have a legal team that respects your dignity and fights fiercely for your future. The attorneys at Conoscienti & Ledbetter are here to provide just that.

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