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Atlanta Prostitution Attorney

Sex crimes are serious offenses in Georgia that carry harsh penalties. When it comes to sexual offenses, most people think of rape, child molestation, or pornography. But prostitution is also considered a sex crime under Georgia law.

The offense of prostitution involves the act of offering or consenting to a sexual act for remuneration. It includes actions such as pimping, pandering, or maintaining a place of prostitution.

The punishments for these actions may differ depending on the sexual conduct and the accused’s prior criminal history. Nevertheless, they commonly result in imprisonment, fines, or community service. Individuals may also suffer other personal consequences from the allegation, even if they are not guilty.

Retaining help from an experienced attorney is vital in reducing the impact of a prostitution conviction. At Conoscienti and Ledbetter, we understand how embarrassing prostitution charges may be. Our Atlanta prostitution defense lawyer can build a defense strategy to protect your rights and reputation.

What Are the Penalties for the Offense of Prostitution?

Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense with a penalty of up to 12 months in prison and fines of up to $1000. If the offense was committed within 1,000 feet of a school, church, playground, or recreation center used by minors, the individual may be fined up to $2,500.

If the offense involves minors, the accused will be legally registered as a sex offender. A second offense of prostitution also carries a penalty of up to ten years of jail time. Prostitution may come with other consequences, such as:

  • Loss of employment

  • Loss of educational and scholarship opportunities

  • Loss of a professional license

  • A criminal record

  • The humiliation of friends and family

  • Potentially negative impact on your immigration and naturalization process

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What Are the Types of Prostitution-Related Offenses in Atlanta?

Although an individual may not have committed the offense of prostitution, they may be arrested for sexual offenses related to prostitution. Under prostitution laws, the following acts are related to prostitution:

  • Keeping a place of prostitution (GA Code s. 16-6-10): Permitting the use of a building you own as a place for committing prostitution or sex trafficking is an offense. The penalties for committing such an offense are up to 12 months in jail and $1000 in fines. The punishment for a subsequent offense is up to ten years in prison.

  • Pimping (GA Code s. 16-6-11): Offering or arranging a prostitute for another person in exchange for money or other services is an offense. The penalties for committing such an offense are up to 12 months in jail and $1000 in fines. If the prostitute is a minor, the penalty is up to thirty years imprisonment.

  • Pandering (GA Code s. 16-6-12): Soliciting a person to commit the act of prostitution for yourself or someone else is an offense. Penalties for a pandering conviction are up to a year in jail and fines. If the act involves a minor, the individual may be charged with a felony. Felony offenses carry up to thirty years imprisonment and up to $100,000 in fines.

  • Masturbation for hire (GA Code s. 16-6-16): Erotically stimulating the genitals of someone else in exchange for money or its equivalent is a misdemeanor offense. A first-time offender will face a penalty of up to one year in prison and up to $1000 in fines.

  • Giving massages for hire in a place used for lewdness (GA Code s.16-6-17): Massaging any person in a building or place used for prostitution or lewdness is illegal. A conviction for this offense is up to one-year imprisonment and fines of up to $1000.

What Are the Possible Defenses for Prostitution Charges in Georgia?

Prostitution offenses can seriously impact your future, and you need the help of a skillful attorney to protect your rights. Our prostitution lawyers are familiar with the Georgia court system.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we can provide professional legal representation and protect your rights. We have experience with several criminal cases and can improve your chances of obtaining a favorable verdict.

At Conoscienti and Ledbetter, we can provide you with the following possible defenses:

  • We can attempt to prove that no sexual act was committed

  • We can provide witnesses to counter the prosecution’s evidence

  • We can argue that it is a case of mistaken identity

  • We can show that there is not enough evidence for a conviction

  • We can negotiate with the prosecutor to minimize your prostitution charges

  • We can challenge the arresting officer’s report

  • We can argue that the witness is lying

  • We can provide evidence of an alibi

  • We can argue that you were coerced by a third party to commit the crime

  • We can argue that you were intoxicated

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    Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

    At Conoscienti and Ledbetter, we defend our client’s rights in prostitution-related criminal charges. Our criminal defense attorneys can use their experience and skill set to give you an advantage in court.

    We will carefully evaluate your case and investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding it. We will also inform you of all the possible outcomes of the case, including the possible punishments that the judge may impose if convicted.

    Our lawyers can protect your rights and seriously represent you at the various stages of your case. No matter the particular details of your charges, seeking legal counsel from a professional who can handle these cases is important. If you were accused of a prostitution offense, contact our law office today.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I Get My Prostitution Charge Expunged?

    According to Georgia’s sex offender laws, sex offender registrations last a lifetime. But, there are specific circumstances where a prostitution offense may be expunged. Individuals who meet specific requirements can petition the court to remove their name from the registry.

    Some evidence that you can present to the court to expunge your records include:

    • Proof that you are of no threat to the community

    • Proof that you are of good moral character

    • Evidence that you have completed probation or parole

    Individuals with prior sexual offenses will have to wait ten years before making a petition.

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