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Why You Might Need a Drug Lawyer in Atlanta

Georgia takes its controlled substance laws seriously. If you were accused of possession, manufacturing, or distribution, you would need a drug crime attorney in Atlanta to provide advice and representation.

The Georgia Drugs & Narcotics Agency restricts people from possessing drugs like heroin, methamphetamines, and other controlled substances. Drug ownership, manufacture, and distribution are not the only drug charges you might face.

It is prohibited to have drug accessories or paraphernalia, and the allegations can be considerable, especially if you are charged at the same time for another offense like sales or trafficking.

Although the rate of criminal activity in the U.S. is decreasing, a stunning number of people have been imprisoned due to criminal drug convictions. Anyone who is found to have a controlled substance without a prescription will face criminal charges that may trigger costly fines and prison time.

The fight to offer a strong criminal defense requires well-informed and knowledgeable Atlanta drug crime lawyers like those in the firm of Conoscienti & Ledbetter, who will relentlessly protect your rights.

Atlanta Drug Trafficking Attorney for Your Case

An Atlanta drug lawyer will explain that under Georgia law, an individual can be criminally accused of drug possession if they intentionally have a controlled substance. First-time offenders face different repercussions depending upon the type and amount of the drug involved.

According to the drug laws in Georgia, many drug ownership charges are categorized by class.

  • Schedule I drugs have the highest potential for abuse, such as heroin and LSD.
  • Schedule II drugs are used for medical purposes and have a high potential for abuse, like morphine.
  • Schedule III drugs, such as Vicodin, have a lower potential for abuse and are used for medical purposes.
  • Schedule IV and V drugs have the lowest potential for abuse, like Ambien and Xanax.

The resultant sentence upon conviction depends on the type of drug, the amount, and whether you have prior convictions. Atlanta lawyers will offer advice and advocacy.

A professional criminal defense lawyer will understand the complexities and subtleties of drug law. Conoscienti & Ledbetter has experience with cases involving prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, opioids, possession of drug paraphernalia, and more.

Our criminal defense attorneys are knowledgeable about the most current laws and developments in drug-related cases. Get help from a drug lawyer in Atlanta to protect your rights. Contact Conoscienti & Ledbetter’s criminal law office for a free consultation today.

Hire an Atlanta Drug Crime Lawyer for Complex Cases

Retaining the services of an Atlanta drug crime lawyer can help reduce your sentence and even result in having your charges dropped. This will limit or even eliminate a conviction’s possible repercussions on your life.

Drug charges, from possession to sales or trafficking, are intricate and can lead to various consequences. A reliable Georgia drug attorney, such as Joseph A. Conoscienti or J. Blake Ledbetter at Conoscienti & Ledbetter, can help.

Our GA lawyers in Atlanta understand how difficult it can be to deal with drug-related crimes and the long-term effects such charges can have on your life. We’re here to help you find the best possible outcome.

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Facts Regarding Drugs in Atlanta, GA

When considering drugs in Atlanta, you should be aware that Georgia has embraced the DEA schedule system just like many other states in the nation. Those schedules are developed by the Drug Enforcement Agency with 5 unique classifications of drugs.

Schedule 1 includes the most major, most harmful drugs. Schedule 5 represents those with the least capacity for abuse.


Sentencing for Drugs in Atlanta

There are two primary approaches to how sentencing for drug cases in Atlanta is handled: either by negotiating a plea bargain or through direct sentencing after conviction.

A plea bargain occurs when your representative and the prosecuting attorney discuss the case and develop terms they want to propose to the judge. This only works if you, the accused, agree to those terms.

The defending attorney apprises you of the possible sentences if you agree to a plea deal versus if the case goes to trial and what the most likely results of each will be. Your criminal defense law firm should advise you on how to behave before the judge and what to say and what not to say.

A Drug Crime Attorney Will Help You Prepare Your Case

The easiest way to prepare for a severe drug crime case is by finding a knowledgeable and experienced drug defense lawyer to assist you. Atlanta is working hard to curb felony drug offenses and drug trafficking. An individual will most likely face severe criminal charges in the state of Georgia if they are found guilty of having, purchasing, or selling narcotics. 

You must hire an experienced lawyer for advice and representation if you have been accused of illegal drug crime. Your drug lawyer must know laws and regulations about Georgia controlled substances like cocaine, heroin, and narcotics.

Conoscienti & Ledbetter have years of experience defending individuals accused of drug-related offenses in Georgia. We are well-versed in state and federal laws, so you can feel confident that your case is handled by a trusted and experienced legal team.

Drug Charge Attorneys Will Navigate the Varying Georgia Drug Laws

Say an individual is apprehended with heroin in Dekalb, Fulton County, or Atlanta, GA. If they do not have a severe criminal history, skilled drug charge attorneys might be able to get the charges dismissed in exchange for a drug treatment program and possible participation in AA or NA. In Gwinnett County, however, that is not a choice.

You need drug lawyers in Atlanta who can prepare your case for trial and understand the best options between a plea deal and trial when determining how to navigate your case. Your counselor will collect mitigating proof about your character, past, and current situation, such as:

  • Absence of a criminal history

  • Completed rehabilitation or treatment programs

  • Work history

Plus, they will assess whether you financially support children or other relatives who would be negatively impacted if you received a severe sentence.

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    Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Drugs

    Before you receive a guilty conviction, contact an Atlanta criminal defense attorney with drug experience to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

    Being implicated in criminal drug activity can have long-term effects that follow you for years. Although you likely want to focus on your profession, finances, and family, a conviction could limit your options and ruin your life. Therefore, you should not attempt to tackle the case without a drug lawyer from Atlanta.


    Atlanta Drug Defense Lawyer

    Your Atlanta drug defense lawyer knows that you might feel discouraged or helpless when you have been accused of possessing or otherwise dealing with illegal drugs. You need a professional defense attorney to combat drug charges and protect your rights.

    Results drive lawyers in Atlanta like Conoscienti & Ledbetter. Their focus is on the attorney-client relationship and providing knowledgeable counsel. Establish a relationship with an Atlanta drug defense attorney who puts your future first, and they will reveal to you why they are among the leading law practices in Atlanta. criminal law office, drug trafficking cases, prescription drugs

    To begin the process of clearing the name of the drug crimes of which you have been accused, contact us for a free consultation today.

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