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Human Trafficking Attorneys Atlanta

Human trafficking involves the illegal exploitation of a person for sex or labor. It is regarded as a form of modern-day slavery. As such, it is morally reprehensible and a very serious crime across the U.S. 

The Georgia state government is committed to fighting this crime and prosecuting suspected human traffickers aggressively. Given the state’s stance, anyone facing human trafficking charges risks spending many years in jail if found guilty and convicted. If you or a loved one is facing such charges, an equally aggressive legal defense might be the only way to avoid a conviction and the penalties that go with one.

Defending human trafficking charges could be challenging. You’ll need competent legal counsel and representation from Atlanta human trafficking lawyers to achieve this feat. Our determined human trafficking legal team at Conoscienti & Ledbetter are prepared to fight for you and guard your interests fiercely while working to free you from your charges and the harsh penalties of the criminal justice system.

Read on to learn how human trafficking charges in Atlanta, Georgia, work and the specific ways we can serve you.

Human Trafficking Under Georgia Law

Human trafficking generally occurs in two forms – labor trafficking and sex trafficking.

Labor Trafficking

The Georgia Code defines labor trafficking as subjecting a person to “labor servitude” or obtaining such a person by any means for the same purpose.

What Is Labor Servitude? 

A person is subjected to labor servitude when they are coerced or deceived into working or performing valuable acts of service for another.

The Meaning of Coercion and Deception 

 The law specifically defines instances of coercion for human trafficking purposes to include:

  • Causing or threatening physical harm to the victim

  • Confining or physically restraining them

  • Exposing or threatening to expose the victim to criminal or immigration proceedings, hatred, or ridicule

  • Destroying, concealing, or removing the victim’s immigration or identification documents

  • Giving the victim access to a controlled substance to compel them to comply with the perpetrator’s commands.

Deception, on the other hand, involves:

  • Promising benefits to the victim without fulfilling or intending to fulfill them

  •  Allowing an individual who has pledged their services as collateral for a debt to continue working without defining the length and nature of the service or deducting the value of their previous works from the outstanding debt.

  • Knowingly making the victim believe in a false set of facts or confirming such facts as true, knowing they are not.

Anyone suspected of using such tactics to force an individual to keep working for them may be charged with labor trafficking. But the prosecution has to provide solid evidence of coercion or deception on the part of the accused in court. If that happens, you can rely on us to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and show the judge and the jury how unreliable it is. 


Sexual trafficking involves subjecting a person to acts of “sexual servitude” or obtaining individuals by any means for such acts.

What Is Sexual Servitude?

Sexual servitude involves performing sexual or sexually explicit acts in exchange for a valuable benefit. This conduct does not occur of the victim’s free will but is usually induced or obtained in the following circumstances

  • By acts of coercion or deception

  • From a minor (less than 18 years old) or from an individual who the perpetrator believes is a minor

  • From a person with a developmental disability or an individual who the perpetrator believes has a developmental disability. 

Anyone suspected of such acts may be charged with sex trafficking. The law also extends its arms to those who benefit from the sexual servitude of another. Such people may also be charged with sex trafficking unless they can prove that they did not know that the benefits they received were the proceeds of the crime.

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What Are the Human Trafficking Penalties in Georgia?

Human trafficking in Georgia is a felony offense. It is generally punishable by imprisonment for 10 to 20 years and a fine of up to $100,000 upon conviction.

If the victim is a minor or a person with a developmental disability, the punishment is imprisonment for 25 to 50 years and a fine of up to $100,000.

If convicted, you could lose your assets as any property directly or directly linked to the crime becomes contraband and is forfeited to the government.

A human trafficking conviction could also lead to the permanent revocation of a person’s commercial driver’s license if they knowingly used a commercial vehicle to commit the crime.

Sex trafficking convicts must register as sex offenders in the state’s public sex offender registry. Being identified as a registered sex offender could make it difficult to pick up the pieces of your life after serving your sentence. Your best bet is to avoid a conviction by preparing a solid human trafficking defense with the help of your attorney.


What Are the Legal Rights of Human Trafficking Victims in Atlanta?

When human trafficking occurs in Atlanta, victims, including sex trafficking victims, have specific legal rights to seek justice. They are entitled to assistance in pursuing criminal charges against perpetrators, especially in cases of sexual exploitation and sexually explicit conduct. Victims can receive a free consultation with a great lawyer who specializes in such serious charges and legal issues. From the very beginning of their case, a lawyer assists in seeking justice and, in some situations, getting the case dismissed. These cases often draw national attention due to the serious injury and exploitation involved, underscoring the importance of strong legal representation.

Is Human Trafficking a Federal Crime?


Human trafficking is primarily prosecuted by state authorities. But it becomes a federal crime when it is committed across several state limits or international borders.

Federal human trafficking charges are serious because the penalties upon conviction are more severe than those under state law. A federal trafficking conviction could lead to a sentence of life imprisonment or other penalties the federal judge may impose. A fierce defense attorney is necessary if you hope to beat such charges and avoid a conviction.

How Our Human Trafficking Attorneys Can Help

When facing human trafficking charges, do not be shocked to see the prosecution and law enforcement officials present a case that portrays you as a monster. You need a defense attorney to advocate for you and let the judge and jury hear your perspective.  Our competent attorneys are fully prepared to argue your case in court and present your side of the facts while working to discredit the prosecution’s evidence against you.

Our priority is to help you get the best possible outcome at the end of the legal process. This could mean getting your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced or getting you a reduced sentence depending on the nature of your case. Some of the usual steps we can take to achieve this goal include;

  • Evaluating the details of your case to identify possible defenses to the charge
  • Gathering evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s case
  • Identifying any procedural errors that occurred during the investigation process which could lessen the impact of the evidence gotten through the faulty process
  • Ensuring that you receive a fair hearing before an unbiased jury
  • Negotiating with the prosecution to reduce your charges or prison sentence via a plea deal.

Our knowledge of the current human trafficking laws is extensive. We can apply that knowledge for your benefit and steer your case toward the desired outcome.


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