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In Georgia, being intoxicated in a public space can lead to legal repercussions, with the offense often categorized as a misdemeanor. These charges can result in fines of up to $1,000, community service, or even jail time. The implications of a public drunkenness conviction or intoxication charge can extend beyond immediate penalties, affecting one’s personal and professional life.

When facing public intoxication charges, a knowledgeable Atlanta public intoxication attorney support is paramount. Our award-winning team at Conoscienti and Ledbetter offers dynamic and engaged counsel, ensuring clients are represented with integrity and compassion. Choosing a public intoxication attorney from Conoscienti and Ledbetter ensures your defense is not just a matter of legal expertise but also a commitment to justice and well-being.

Understanding Public Intoxication

In Georgia, public intoxication is considered a significant offense that can impact public order, property damage, and also an individual’s legal standing. Public intoxication, typically termed “public drunkenness” under Georgia law  (GA Code § 16-11-41), occurs when an individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs in a public place or public property and behaves in a vulgar, profane, loud, or boisterous manner. Such conduct can disrupt the peace and tranquility of another person or the community.

Typical behaviors associated with public intoxication charges can include:

  • Public Urination

  • Public Sexual Acts

  • Indecent Acts

  • Disorderly Conduct

Having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above the legal limit is often a contributing factor to police intervention as it can result to impaired driving. However, observable behaviors such as the inability to walk correctly, engaging in loud language, indecent conduct, or any actions that disturb public peace can result in charges, even if BAC is not measured.

The scope of what constitutes a “public place” is broad and extends beyond streets and parks. It includes areas immediately adjacent to public property, known as the curtilage, and private property when used by the public without specific invitation to the private residence of people.

The consequences of a public intoxication conviction can be severe. They may involve fines, probation, or community service, especially for a first offense. The stakes are higher for more extensive criminal records or repeated offenses, potentially leading to jail time.

We at Conoscienti and Ledbetter understand the challenges our clients face when confronted with public intoxication charges. We approach each case with honesty, integrity, compassion, and a fierce commitment. It is crucial for individuals facing such charges to seek legal counsel promptly to protect their rights and explore all available defenses.

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Why You Need a Lawyer

Legal complexities and possible repercussions, such as fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record, demand a professional approach to your defense. You’ll need legal representation from a qualified firm to ensure you get a favorable outcome. 

At Conoscienti and Ledbetter, we understand that facing charges because of intoxication in Atlanta can be overwhelming. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We examine every detail of your case, ensuring we uphold your rights and work towards a favorable outcome.

  • We negotiate aggressively on your behalf to reduce or dismiss charges and penalties, seeking alternatives like diversion programs that could allow for a more favorable resolution.

  • Our team has experience handling similar cases, and we know what angles to use based on the situation. 

Public intoxication cases are not to be taken lightly, and with our team by your side, you can rest assured that we are exploring every avenue for your defense. We are committed to defending your legal case and protecting your future.

Conoscienti and Ledbetter’s Approach to Public Intoxication Defense

At Conoscienti and Ledbetter, we provide top-notch legal representation in public intoxication cases. Our approach is founded on a commitment to safeguard your rights professionally.

When facing charges involving boisterousness due to alleged public intoxication, we scrutinize the details of your case, from the testimony of the arresting officer to the specific circumstances of the alleged incident. Our analysis includes but is not limited to:

  • The context of behavior deemed as boisterous behavior or indecent act

  • The legality of the detainment process by law enforcement

We are well-versed in the nuances of Atlanta’s public intoxication laws and understand that such charges are not similar to those of driving under the influence (DUI). Our goal is to protect our clients’ legal interests and their reputations.

Here’s how we protect your rights:

  • Ensure the prosecution meets the burden of proof

  • Challenge any infringements on constitutional rights

  • Negotiate with the prosecution to minimize penalties

As experienced Atlanta public intoxication attorneys, we are dynamic and engaged in the intricacies of each case. Trust us to stand with you at every step and advocate for justice.

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    Navigating the Legal Process


    At Conoscienti and Ledbetter, we understand that facing a public intoxication charge can be a daunting experience. As your legal representatives, we are here to guide you through every step of the legal process with professionalism and diligence. Public intoxication is typically considered a misdemeanor offense, yet it carries consequences that can impact your record and future.

    Here’s what to expect during the legal process: 

    Step 1: Arrest and Charges: When you’re initially charged with public intoxication, you become the defendant in a case that may proceed to court. Engaging our legal services ensures that your rights are protected from the outset.

    Step 2: Court Appearances: Attending court is a critical component of the process. Our team provides individually tailored legal representation, preparing you for what to expect and standing alongside you during court appearances.

    Step 3: Plea and Prosecution Interaction: We navigate the complexities of interacting with the prosecution on your behalf. If pleading guilty is not advisable, we’ll devise an alternative strategy.

    Step 4: Evidence and Testimonies: Our thorough preparations often involve compiling evidence and organizing witness testimonies to support your case. This information is essential in defending against a public intoxication charge.

    Step 5: Verdict and Record: A court will determine if you’re found guilty or not following the trial. The outcome will affect your legal record. Our goal is to secure the most favorable possible outcome and, if necessary, explore options for expungement to protect your future.


    Public intoxication charges may lead to community service, fines, or other legal consequences, so acting swiftly to secure a defense is crucial. Hiring a public intoxication lawyer in Atlanta will make the legal process easier because they understand how to approach your situation. 

    If you need legal representation, contact us at Conoscienti and Ledbetter and book a free consultation. We’ll then advise you further, depending on your situation. We believe in honesty, integrity, efficiency, and compassion as our principles follow through in pursuit of justice.


    What constitutes public intoxication in Atlanta, Georgia?

    Public intoxication, a common misdemeanor charge, occurs when an individual is visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs in a public setting. The determination often includes behaviors disturbing the peace or posing a safety threat like unbecoming language.

    What are the potential penalties if convicted?

    Penalties for public intoxication can include up to 1 year in jail, fines up to $1,000, or both. These charges can also lead to a criminal record, impacting future employment and opportunities.

    Is it possible to defend against a public intoxication charge?

    Yes. We diligently review the circumstances surrounding your arrest, including police procedures and the legality of the charges. 

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