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Plenty of aspects of modern life and society are regulated. An important set of regulations that most people hope not to run afoul of is the criminal code. Breaking these laws can have severe consequences for anyone found guilty of doing so.

Though the legal system is meant to protect society, the system can feel grossly unfair if you are trying to fight charges on your own. The attorneys at Conoscienti, Ledbetter, & Archer are here to help get the best possible outcome and prevent innocent people’s convictions.

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Rights of the Defendant

In criminal cases, the right to counsel refers to the right of the defendant to have a lawyer assist them in their defense, even if they cannot afford one. The 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees this right.

In addition, the level of proof that must be presented before a conviction can be handed down is very high. Criminal law requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The standard of proof for civil trials, however, is based on a preponderance of the evidence, which means that plaintiffs need only prove the fact in dispute is more likely than not.

The idea behind these two principles is that for someone to be convicted in a criminal trial, there needs to be compelling evidence. The accused should be given excellent legal assistance to refute the state case through private access or a state-appointment to a qualified lawyer.

No matter who you are, chances are high that you will fall foul of the ever-increasing criminal laws at some point in your life. Then, you will probably need the services of a criminal defense law firm.

Criminal defense attorneys can build a strong case for you in an effort to prevent the State attorneys from succeeding in proving that you are guilty of the crime as charged beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a criminal conviction.

When you face criminal charges or severe charges, you would be well advised to employ Criminal Defense Lawyers you can afford so that you can either successfully defend the case or, at worst, minimize the consequences of your actions.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and are facing life-changing consequences, you should consider setting up an appointment with Decatur criminal defense attorneys at Conoscienti, Ledbetter, and Archer, which has a team of passionate lawyers who are all attuned to the importance of building a solid defense and go to great lengths to fight for their clients.

Let’s examine a few elements of criminal law together.

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Not All Crimes are the Same

Crimes range from petty crimes, such as minor traffic offenses, to very serious crimes, such as murder.


Less serious crimes are classified as misdemeanors. More serious crimes are called felonies. Misdemeanors carry lighter penalties such as community service, fines, rehabilitation probation, and less than a year of jail time. Legal representation is not always critical for really minor offenses.


Felonies carry jail terms of over one year up to a lifetime spent in prison. However, if you are facing any jail time (whether for a misdemeanor or a felony), you should consider using the services of a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you to build your case to avert any jail time.

Let’s examine some of the more common felonies.

Aggravated assault

Simple assault is a misdemeanor in Georgia. This is typically where there is a threat to inflict physical harm or even an attack that results in minor injuries.

Aggravated assault is an assault that results in serious bodily harm or is an assault committed with a weapon or an assault with the intent to commit a serious crime, such as rape.

Aggravated assault attracts felony penalties which range from ten to twenty years in jail. Fines of between $5,000 and $20,000 are possible. Punishments meted out are based on the level of harm caused.

If you have been faced with an aggravated assault charge, it is highly recommended that you see an Aggravated Assault Attorney to help you to build a strong defense after considering all of the facts and the evidence against you.

drug violations

Drug violations can constitute misdemeanors or felonies. Drug legislation differs widely from state to state, so it’s essential to appoint a state-based attorney likely to be familiar with the laws of the charging state.

If you face drug charges in the Decatur area, appoint a Drug Lawyer with experience in the Decatur courts for optimal effect.

simple battery

In Georgia, Simple Battery is committed when a person intentionally makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature or intentionally causes physical harm to another.

Simple battery is a misdemeanor crime with potential fines of up to $1,000 and possible jail time of up to one year. There are specific circumstances in which the misdemeanor will be classified as an aggravated misdemeanor which attracts higher penalties of up to one year in jail and up to a maximum of $5,000 in fines.

probation violations

If you have been sentenced to probation, it means you have been sentenced to a jail sentence but are entitled to serve time outside of custody in jail. There are always conditions attached to probation, such as regularly reporting to a probation officer.

Probation Violations can be severely punished and may see offenders spending the rest of the original sentence serving time in jail and not on probation. A skilled criminal defense attorney’s services can help minimize the consequences of probation violations.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer can Help

If you are facing criminal charges in Georgia, appointing a Decatur criminal defense attorney is an excellent start and will level the playing field when you face the prosecutors in court. Your criminal defense attorney helps to assess your case and all the evidence against you, prepares a strong defense and then represents you in your criminal case. Your criminal lawyer will face off against the state prosecutor and should do their best to protect you in court.

If you have been arrested and have been charged for alleged crimes committed in the Decatur area, call on the experienced Atlanta DUI Lawyers at Conoscienti, Ledbetter, and Archer for a free consultation.

As your legal team, our criminal defense attorneys will gather evidence and plan your defense strategies. We have extensive experience with felony cases and will fight determinedly and doggedly to protect you and try to obtain the best outcome.

Our team is experienced in building defenses for misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases, including probation violations, domestic violence, drug possession, and more. We can also handle appeals. All criminal cases are handled with absolute confidentiality under the attorney-client privilege. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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