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The Dekalb County Superior Court handles various civil and criminal cases, including misdemeanors, contract disputes, and more.

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Understanding the Dekalb County Superior Courthouse

If you find yourself summoned to the Dekalb County Superior Courthouse, you may be apprehensive and unsure how to proceed. The potential ramifications of your court appearance depend heavily on the purpose of your court case.

The Superior Court handles civil and criminal matters, and judicial actions, including contract disputes, felonies, misdemeanors, premises liability, divorce, and land titles, among other various areas of the law.

If you are scheduled to appear at the Dekalb County Courthouse, you should obtain information about how the Coronavirus has altered the Supreme Court’s day-to-day operations.

Please get in touch with a reputable Georgia law firm like Conoscienti & Ledbetter Attorneys at Law to discuss civil and criminal cases in which you may have been implicated. Our experienced litigators and attorneys can help you understand the legal process, your rights and obligations under Georgia law, and what to expect during the proceedings.

We understand that the court system can be intimidating and confusing, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Our team will work with you through the process, providing guidance and support as needed. We always strive to provide our clients with the best legal counsel in Dekalb County and beyond.

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Dekalb County Superior Court section

Conducting a Dekalb Superior Court Case Search

To conduct a Dekalb Superior Court Case Search, go to the website and enter the location, date, or type of hearing.

To search Dekalb County court records, go to this website and enter either the Record Number or the name of the person whose records you seek in last name, first name, middle name, and then suffix format.

Superior Court cases include civil cases, such as:

  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Juvenile infractions
  • Probate issues

Criminal charges like felonies or misdemeanors, including:

Cases also include minor claims issues and their appeals and appeals of infractions, misdemeanors, and civil cases involving up to $25,000.

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The Role of the GA Superior Court Clerk

The Dekalb County, GA, Superior Court Clerk and her personnel handle all Superior Court and land records for DeKalb County. Access to public records is essential to people and services in DeKalb County. To continually enhance their services during the COVID-19 pandemic, they provide an interactive website to help DeKalb County’s people.

GA citizens can register their real estate through its website with the Property Fraud Registry, conduct civil case filings online, obtain information about passports, locate relevant forms, and file fee amounts. They can also learn more about the Clerk’s office and its functions.

To contact the Superior Court Clerk, Debra DeBerry, regarding a judicial order, call (404) 371-2836. You can also call an attorney at our firm at (404)-328-7276 for personalized legal guidance.


The Superior Court of Dekalb County Courthouse Location


The Superior Court of Dekalb County Courthouse can be found in Room G130 at 556 N. McDonough Street in Decatur, GA 30030. Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Dekalb County GA Superior Court COVID Guidelines

Due to security measures implemented to limit exposure to the Coronavirus, people visiting the Dekalb County, GA, Superior Court must practice social distancing and wear a mask. Additionally, they are encouraged to submit all filings online. Reach out to an attorney for assistance with this.

The Superior Court of Dekalb County Court Forms

Superior Court of Dekalb County Location

You can find many of the GA Superior Court Forms here. The GA Superior Court started compulsory e-filing on January first, 2017, and went paperless on January first, 2018.

E-Filing is a method to send legal files to a court safely. This paperless technique for the court supplies simple access to consumers, which is particularly welcome while citizens practice social distancing to limit the spread of Covid 19. 

Files can be submitted 24 hr a day, seven days a week from the home or office of the person filing or through the Public Access Terminals provided at the County Courthouse in Decatur, GA 30030, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. 

In addition to reducing exposure to the Coronavirus, the benefits of filing online include the following:

  • Approval and/or rejection

  • Browsing abilities

  • Immediate access to stamped copies

  • Online tracking and evidence of submission

For additional information, please get in touch with a knowledgeable Georgia law office. The right attorney will have the skills to assist with your legal needs.

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    The Superior Court of Dekalb County Court Docket

    The Clerk will preserve the GA Superior Court docket. The docket is the calendar of trial cases or people with pending cases. Each docket will bear the name of the docket, the county, and a distinct successive number.

    GA Superior Court Civil Docket

    The Civil Docket of Dekalb County shall contain separate case number entries for all civil actions filed in the office of the Clerk, including: 

    • Complaints

    • Contempt actions

    • Domestic relations 

    • Modifications on closed civil actions

    • Motions

    The attorney completes the initiation form for the case before filing a civil action with the County Clerk. The Clerk enters the appropriate case action number on the initiation form, which is included in the case file. The Clerk will then enter the case into the civil docket.

    GA Superior Court Criminal Docket

    The Criminal Docket includes a record of all indictments of illegal acts and the pleadings in each case. Twice a year, the Clerk submits a list of all new felony cases and those facing appeal. The list includes the following information:

    1. Sentencing judge
    2. Assigned judge
    3. Counsel of record
    4. Date of the sentence
    5. The filing date of the transcript
    6. The filing date of the motion for a new trial
    7. Whether the motion for a new trial was ruled upon
    8. The filing date for a 108 notice of appeal
    9. Whether the record is ready to be transmitted

    The Clerk of the Dekalb County Courthouse is an integral member of the legal system, as she maintains judicial order in the day-to-day and quarterly operations.

    Retain an Attorney When Dealing with a GA Supreme Court

    Orders to appear in a GA Supreme Court can be intimidating, and the best way to ease your mind is to have an experienced trial attorney in your corner. If you are required to testify, your lawyer can prepare you to comfortably provide answers that will result in the best outcome for your case.

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    Our attorneys will take the time to explain the process and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with the resources to understand the territorial limits and jurisdiction of Dekalb County Superior Court and any effort you make to seek a favorable outcome for your case.

    When presented with a situation involving the Dekalb County Superior Court, the most important thing you can do is contact an experienced attorney to help you.

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